Guilia Cuccurullo

The Negroni By Giulia Cuccurullo

A hand holding a Negroni made by Giulia Cuccurullo


An unexpected twist on the classic Negroni. Tanqueray No. TEN's bold citrus heart takes centre stage, dancing with the deep, savoury notes of a unique infused vermouth blend. Respectfully, this ain’t your nonna’s Negroni. It's a revelation in a glass.



  • Tanqueray Nº TEN


  • Bitter/Dry Vermouth infused in olive oil/ tarragon


  • Ice

  • Gelatine make with Tarragon and vanilla garnish

  • 3.4 units of alcohol per serve

Liquid is poured into a quadri combo jigger
A hand straining a cocktail into a glass with on large ice cube
Tongs placing a tarragon on top of a large ice cub in a cocktail.

Method - 1 / 3

Fill a mixing glass with ice and add 40ml Tanqueray No. TEN and 50ml infused bitter/dry Vermouth.

Method - 2 / 3

Stir well and pour into a rocks glass with ice.

Method - 3 / 3

Garnish with gelatine make with tarragon and vanilla.

About this recipe

“For flavour, you need something to be memorable, it’s all related to your mood.”

Giulia Cuccurullo

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