tanqueray flor de SEVILLA

A bottle of Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla.

A savoury squeeze of Sevilla Sunshine To relish with friends


Stir up those sundownermoments

Squeeze some Spanish sunshine into your glass and savour the taste of Sevillian oranges, orange blossom and Tanqueray’s legendary botanicals. 

Two Sevilla Negroni cocktails sitting on a table surrounded by grapes, oranges, and other decorations.


Flor de Sevilla

Entertaining friends? Of course you are. Bring some Spanish sunshine and a bit of zing to your serves, to twist it up with this bright take on the classic Negroni.

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tasting notes

Fruitful, bold and bittersweet, perfectly balanced with Tanqueray’s legendary botanicals.

Perfume bottle


Orange citrus with hints of botanicals, a bloom of orange blossoms shines through a surge of bittersweet Seville oranges.

Tanqueray stamp


Zesty and bright with hints of Mediterranean sunshine, a lovely smooth gin with a fruity finish. Always drenched in sunshine.

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Bottle of Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla 0.0%

Flor de Sevilla 0.0

Savour the sunset with a taste of Seville, just alcohol free.

Bottle of Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla

Flor de Sevilla

A savoury squeeze of Spanish sunshine to relish with friends.

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Bottle of Tanqueray No. Ten

No. Ten

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Bottle of Tanqueray Alcohol Free 0.0%

Alcohol Free 0.0

All the magnificence of Tanqueray, just alcohol free.

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