Ago Perrone with a martini glass up to his right eye.

The Tastemakers


No. TEN brings complexity, so you can go from a very vibrant and citrusy cocktail, into something more atmospheric

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of The Connaught, London
Ago Perrone behind a bar.

"Everything we do at the Connaught Bar is honouring the classic, honouring the heritage of our profession, but also bringing it into modern times and elevating it for the future."

Ice is chipped by hand using a knife.

Rules are made to be broken

Ago Perrone is undoubtedly one of the most prominent global mixology figures. He has collected the world's most sought-after accolades, while re-writing the rulebook on hotel bars. With a unique approach, Ago has established consistent international acclaim alongside the timeless popularity of London's stylish Connaught Bar - Which he has led since its opening in 2008. His bold take on contemporary flavour pairings, his flair and his penchant for heroing tradition but also breaking the rules with style make him the perfect Tastemaker and mentor for Tanqueray No. TEN. Don't forget to put the right spirit in whatever you do.

Ago Perrone's signature
Signature Serves


It’s not just a martini cocktail. It's your martini cocktail.
A martini cocktail with a twist of lemon peel.

"There are so many elements to make a martini cocktail very special. There is the heart, there is your passion, that's why I always suggest, don't forget to put spirit in whatever you do."

A cocktail is stirred with ice in a cocktail mixing glass.

The Tastemakers

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