tanqueray blackcurrant royale

A bottle of Tanqueray Blackcurrant Royale.

Juicy blackcurrants & delicate vanilla Deep, delicious & decadent

tanqueray blackcurrant royale

Add a little oh la la to your everyday

Be colourful. Be extra. Make the most of the everyday with ripe French blackcurrants, delicate vanilla and decadent black orchid for a deliciously bold gin rounded off with French finesse!

A bright pink cocktail with a hand grasping the stem of the cocktail glass.


tanqueray blackcurrant royale

Shake up the soirée with a Royale Clover. Sweet, tart and garnished with a fresh sprig of mint. Beautifully colourful and fresh, just like the cocktail maker.

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tasting notes

Bursting with beautiful French blackcurrants for an exciting, juicy twist. This gin has a deep, delicious taste that whispers of the transformative spirit of Charles Tanqueray.

Perfume bottle


Complex and fruity with a hint of floral black orchid and all the beauty and decadence of France.

Tanqueray stamp


Ripe blackcurrants and a subtle sweetness - the colourful one at the party and the first one everyone notices – c’est magnifique!

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